Premium Bonds can make a special gift for a child under 16. Until the child’s 16th birthday, the parent or guardian named on the application looks after the Bonds, regardless of who bought them.

We’ll send confirmation of any transactions made, prizes won and payment for cashed-in Bonds to the nominated parent or guardian until the child is 16.

Buying for your own child

Parents or legal guardians can apply online, by phone or by post. If your child already has some Premium Bonds and you want to buy some more online or by phone, you’ll need to be registered first. This could take a few days while we set up your registration.

Buying for someone else’s child

You can apply online or by post. You can ask us to send you an electronic or paper gift card for you to pass on to the child. We’ll also send you an acknowledgement of your investment. But only the nominated parent or guardian will be able to manage and cash in the Bonds.

Before you apply for someone else’s child:

  • Please make sure the parent/guardian is happy to look after the investment for the child, and agrees to you giving us their details
  • We’ll check the identity and address of everyone named on your application, and we may need to ask for documents to prove this
  • Please let the parent/guardian know that we might be in touch to ask for evidence of identity documents

As part of your application you’ll need to know:

  • The parent’s/guardian’s date of birth and address
  • The child’s Premium Bonds holder’s number (if they have one)